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A Golden Advice

If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high. Look it squarely in the eye, and say, “I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.

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Positive Attitude in a Work Place

Work!!! The definition of the word work is very different from one person to another. Some go to work for money, career, to engage themselves with something useful, social aspect of life, experience etc.
But how many of us truly go for work because “we love It”!
Let’s face it, College and University dreams of getting the job we are dreaming about is not a reality always. How many people do end up doing the job they always wanting to do?!
So, if let’s say %20 of us end up doing jobs that we did not see ourselves doing a few years back. Does that mean that we have the right to go for work just for the sake of working, and have earned the right to grumble, complain and moan about how unlucky or unhappy we are at our current job along the way???
Dreams of having a successful professional life, is an extremely important motivator for all of us. However, life sometimes chooses for us or to be more accurate forces us to change direction, and to start our career at a more humble place than we have hoped for.                                  
Does that change of event give us the right to stop in our track and dream no more of a successful professional life?!!!
Wise professionals (salesmen, executive managers, cleaners etc.) know that reaching a professional satisfaction stage is not about what rank you occupy, but how good and passionate about the service you provide. The creative voluntary input we add to our work is what makes our work unique and original.
There is no shame in working at any level or rank. We might have a scenario of an unsatisfied, unsuccessful executive manager working in the same place with another basic admin worker, whom everyone admires the efficiency and creativity this person puts into his/her "basic work".
So from this scenario, who do you think of the two people mentioned is at a better professional stage? What is the secret of professional success?
“Positive Attitude”!!!
Positive attitude + taking pride in what you do= SUCCESS
 Positive Attitude
Using positive attitude in your work place or even personal life, can bring optimism to your life, and makes it easier avoiding negative thinking and worries. If this method is used as a way of life, it could change your life into constructively, bringing more happiness and success.
Developing positive attitude can help you look at the bright side of things and expect the best in life.
Taking Pride in What you Do
No matter what job you do, and even if it is not “your dream job”, you should do it to the best of your abilities. Your job should be the most important thing to you. The way you do your job says a lot about your ability to be job creative. Everyone has to start at some point. Never neglect a current job you occupy for the hope of a better one soon. However your job is humble it develops and teaches you new skills even if you cannot see it or refuses to admit it.
I agree with those who say there is no right or wrong way in defining Success. However, and for the purpose of make things clearer for the sake of concluding this post. The wide definition for success is to reach a positive conclusion to a plan or purpose you have worked towards.
But, in my opinion success is when your work has impacted positively on others. In work life success should be measured in the same way, lots of employees having their own tasks however small or big they are eventually  contributing for the sake of the same thing (e.g. project). A brilliant plan on paper is worth nothing without the right people performing the tasks correctly and maybe adding pinch of PASSION to it!



You are right. But is there a danger of being too positive and forgetting what you're there for?
Say for example, one is using the job as a stop gap.

Across The World ICS said...

The Duchesne, Thanks for your comment! However I'm a great believer that people are able to move forward regardless of how much they enjoy their current job. Having a positive attitude is not a barrier between us and bad things or situations but more a way or tool to handle things better. And from a personal experience People with positive attitude are always favourites by bosses to take on challenging roles!

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